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Battery & Pressure Testing

Watch battery and pressure testing £45.00 inclusive.

Watch Battery fitting only £20.00 (no guarantee of water resistance).

 To replace your watch battery, clean the contacts, replace the case back gasket, check the timekeeping and replace the case back properly using only fresh branded Swiss batteries we charge £20.00 including return postage. usage.

We also undertake battery resealing & pressure testing on most modern watches down to the pressure indicated on the dial or the case back, to a maximum of 125 bar.

Your old battery is checked, contacts cleaned and neutralised. The new watch battery is date marked, the movement timekeeping and battery consumption are checked and if necessary adjusted. Case components inspected, and cleaned to ensure the case closes correctly, case back gaskets are always changed even if a pressure check is not requested. All watch functions are checked and the timepiece is set to time and date. Usually the watch can be returned next day if a card payment is made.

Many watch case backs are ruined by poorly trained jewellers assistants and badly equipped watch bars offering cheap while you wait battery changes. Often the movement it's self being damaged by case back knives and blunt screw drivers that are gouged across the circuit boards and coils.

The customer then being told " It's not the battery, sorry, we cannot offer a repair".

We have a whole host of case opening and closing tools to open and close all types of watch case backs safely scratch free. Mr. Reeves holds British Horological Institute and Swiss Ebauche certificates of competence for electronic and quartz watches. backed by many years of electronic watch repairing.

 Below is a guide to watch water-resistance values and their intended use.


Old terminology which covered all types of Water-Resistance. Most timepieces bearing this claimant are well past their original efficiency and should, at best be treated as *Water Resistant*

Water Resistant

Timepieces marked *Water Resistant* by ISO 2281 have passed the following test only; 30 minutes under water at a depth of 1 m (3ft) followed by 90 seconds under a pressure corresponding to 20m (66ft) . *3 ATM* and *Water Resistant* are NOT suitable for swimming.


The crown must be in the normal or *Screw Down* position and must NOT be worked when wet. Dry with a soft cloth after immersion. Keep in mind that water-resistance is not a permanent condition. For example, the gaskets that are fitted in the crown, case back and glass will deteriorate with time and should be inspected and changed periodically. It is good practice to change the battery hatch or case back seals whenever the battery cell is changed.

Misting or Fogging

A drastic reduction of temperature turns moisture inside the watch to dew, which adheres to the inside surface of the case, the glass may become cloudy. The cloudy glass, will generally became clear in a few minutes, it is recommended to check the water resistant qualities of the timepiece. If the glass remains cloudy, urgent work is required.

Water Resistant 30m
10 ATM
10 BAR
15 ATM
15 BAR
20 ATM
20 BAR
100 ATM
100 BAR
Accidental Splashes Swimming Swimming
Scuba Diving Professional Deep Sea Diving
ISO 2281 ISO 6425